There are still players who are waiting for Blizzard to release “Overwatch” on Nintendo Switch, one of the most popular joy-cons in recent memory. While the idea is definitely interesting, the studio already iterated its decision in the past. The game’s very own director named Jeff Kaplan said that porting a version of the game for the console is a rigorous task for the development team.

Of course, what Kaplan meant is that porting an “OverwatchNintendo Switch version would mean huge resources and, well, legwork. Fortunately, he did not close the door to the possibility and even assured the fans that this should be taken into consideration.

Recently though, a fan has found a way to bring the game to the titular hardware.

‘OW’ on Switch is simply a beauty

According to Express, a fan used a certain app to allow the game to run on Nintendo’s console. This app is none other than Rainway, which allows PC users to stream their games to multiple devices that run DirectX 11. Apparently, though, the console only works as a second monitor, therefore, players would still have to utilize a mouse and keyboard to control the in-game action.

This was made possible by a fan named Andrew Sampson, who posted a video on Twitter showcasing the integration of “Overwatch” on Nintendo Switch. “Overwatch with mouse and keyboard on the Nintendo Switch via @RainwayApp,” the tweet read.

Even so, this is perhaps the closest players will get to see the game seemingly ported on the console.

Kaplan’s take on porting the game

The “Overwatch” director’s number one issue with porting a version of the game on the console is compatibility.

He himself was uncertain if the hardware would be capable of running the game. Kaplan further iterated that the idea of bringing the game to the console itself is already challenging.

This is actually true considering the process it would take a developer to make such integration possible. Unlike PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, these platforms have been a template in the video game industry.

Developers designed their game engine in a way it would fit the said platforms.

Kaplan, however, explained that Blizzard is not closing its door to the possibility of bringing “Overwatch” to Nintendo Switch. When it comes to exploring all possible platforms, he said that they are “always open-minded.” He said that if that day arrives, they would first revisit the actual performance of the game. He also admitted that maintaining the game in the three platform is already challenging, let alone if the joy-con is added to the list.