One of the hottest topics in the online gaming community nowadays is the arrival of the first person shooter, “Lawbreakers.” With the gameplay having numerous similarities with the popular game “Overwatch,” fans now are wondering what difference it can offer to gamers. The upcoming game should sell something unique to the gamers if it would like to get a slice of the pie. Here are the latest details about the game’s distinction over that of Blizzard’s in terms of Xbox One X support, lore, and single player mode.

Single player mode

In an interview conducted by Segment Next with Boss Key Lead Designer Dan Nanni, he was asked several questions about the upcoming title.

One of this is about the single player mode. According to Nanni, there are no planned campaigns on the table yet. However, he did not rule out the possibility of having it in the game in the future. The Lead Designer believes that multiplayer and narrative campaigns are two opposing poles that require a lot of work. He also underlined that they have to successfully release the base game first. Nanni added that it would interest them if there is a significant demand for the single player mode after releasing the game.

After over a year since its release, “Overwatch” has still no single player campaign. While there is a massive demand from the players, the game developer has not yet yielded to this.

Instead, Blizzard released the story mode, which apparently keeps the gamers immersed in the game.

Lore and game characters

One of the interesting components of Blizzard’s first shooter game is its lore and animated shorts. It teased the players about the next hero to be introduced in the game while consciously hyping it up. Boss Key’s first-person shooter will also have this feature.

Nanni added that they are exploring other approaches to reveal the game’s storyline. This is aside from the account portrait descriptions and narratives that players can interact with across the map.

Xbox One X support

With the imminent release of Microsoft’s 4K gaming console, Xbox One X, the Lead Designer was also asked about their plans of releasing “Lawbreakers” on it.

Nanni said that for him new tools always connote new opportunities aside from increased power and performance. The Lead designer also emphasized that their target is to release their game for as many users as possible. He believes that as long as supporting any platforms has an impact on their business, they will push for it. Blizzard has not yet shared any plans about “Overwatch” getting a support for the said console.