“Call of Duty” is not the only video game traveling back in time to the World War 2 era. An indie developer known as Black Matter has created a new video game known as “Hell Let Loose” exclusively for the PC platform.

The game looks stunning running on the PC platform, more so than the likes of “Battlefield 1” and “Destiny.” Furthermore, the game doesn’t come with a single player for the entire design is based on multiplayer.

Game won’t see release until 2018

While Black Matter is showing off its wonderful game to the world, it won’t see the light of day until next year.

The latest report says the developer is aiming to release “Hell Let Loose” on Steam Early Access come early 2018. The developer did not give an exact release date or pricing, but folks should expect a game that costs less than $60, pretty much similar to most titles currently in Steam Early Access.

Aiming to be the most realistic World War 2 video game

Being realistic is the aim many shooters based on reality want to accomplish, but most tend to turn into a shadow of that plan. Black Matter has no intention of allowing this to happen with its “Hell Let Loose” as the company has injected several features to supplement realism.

For example, when it comes down to how weapons are handled in the game, there’s a realistic touch only found in a handful of first-person shooters.

Additionally, realism is added to vehicle handling, along with how players construct their defenses.

Now, as with most military shooters that focus a lot on realism, teamwork is most important. Because of this, it doesn’t surprise us to see “Hell Let Loose” is a video game that focuses on this concept.

The developer made it clear that players have limited roles, as they must work under Officers and the force Commander.

Moreover, gamers have little choice but to use realistic weapons and armaments from the World War 2 era, along with historical tactics.

Similarities to Playerunknown Battlegrounds

One of the most popular video games out for the PC today and coming to Xbox One in the future is “Playerunknown Battlegrounds.” The game is multiplayer focused and supports up to 100 players in a single game.

Interestingly enough, “Hell Let Loose” also supports up to 100 players with 50 vs 50 being the main attraction. The developers expect infantry and armor to work closely in a bid to wipe out the enemy. However, seeing as teamwork isn’t a strong suit for some gamers, folks should temper their expectations when running the game.

Note that by October 2017, Black Matter will release an alpha before the official release through Steam Early Access in 2018.