Blizzard has officially launched Doomfist in “Overwatch.” He is the 25th character in the roster and the 8th hero in the offense department. Unfortunately, his arrival came with a handful of issues.

According to Heavy, the introduction of Doomfist in “Overwatch” brought errors to the game’s official servers. Although things are still messy, Blizzard is reportedly trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. Here is everything about it in nutshell.

The issue at hand

The moment the gauntlet-wearing hero arrived, fans swarmed straight into the game and hoped to get hold of the new character.

After all, not all players were able to experience him on the Public Test Realm. Remember: only PC players can install the test servers and access the forthcoming updates. Unfortunately, this madness caused enough trouble to make the game’s servers unstable. Blizzard later on revealed that the servers were indeed experience some strained due to heavy traffic. Everyone just wanted to be on the game and play Doomfist.

Users have gone to various social media sites to express their disappointment, hoping for Blizzard to take notice of the issue in “Overwatch.” Players on the official Reddit page of the title announced that the game was completely unplayable. Some were able to log, but they eventually got kicked out.

Others were successful in logging, but they experienced delays despite having a stable home connection.

Blizzard is fully aware

The “Overwatch” developer responded the complaints from the community, stating that they were fully aware of the issue. On the official Twitter page of Blizzard CS, the developers mentioned that they were already “working on a resolution.” They asked the fandom to be patient, as the issue was being attended to.

The studio later on announced that a maintenance would arrive, allowing them to isolate the possible cause of the issue. The maintenance, though, would only take a couple of minutes. But for players to experience the update, they must restart their respective client.

As of this writing, the “Overwatch” servers have appeared to be running smoother than before.

It is best to reload or restart the game first before entering a match. But, as much as possible, it is best to try Quickly or Custom Games for now. The studio has yet to officially confirm the stability, so things might still get a bit shaky most especially in Competitive Matches. This only goes to show that Doomfist is ended the most popular character in the game right now. His fame resulted to server errors, as players stormed their way to the game.