Overwatch” has a unique cast of playable characters each with their own set of skills and abilities. Depending on the situation, some heroes are better than others. In line with this, the game currently has four main Support heroes that can heal their allies – one of which is a healing sniper named Ana. She’s been a very popular pick in the meta and has dominated the other healers in the game because of her utility. Ana has a high skill cap but is also extremely rewarding to play as because of her range of healing skills. Here are some basic tips for you if you plan on picking up this “Overwatch” hero.

Prioritize on healing your allies

Aside from Zenyatta, Ana has the capacity to dish out a lot of damage with her gun and biotic grenade. A capable Ana playable can win a 1v1 match if pitted against a DPS hero. However, keep in mind that Ana’s main role is as a support and she should be prioritizing on healing her allies. When playing Ana, you have a lot of choices to consider during the battlefield, be that damaging foes or healing allies. For the most part, you should be doing the latter option, especially in critical situations.

Don’t be afraid to throw your grenade at enemies

Ana has one skill called the Biotic Grenade that can heal allies and anti-heal foes. When thrown at allies, they will gain a temporary +50 percent healing boost for a few seconds.

Enemies, on the other hand, won’t be able to heal for a short period of time. There will be times, like during the early moments in a fight, when you don’t need to use your grenade to heal allies. You can disrupt grouped enemies and possibly even get a kill if you use your grenade against them instead. Moreover, the enemy supports won’t be able to provide their teammates with health which makes them easy pickings for your allies.

Pick your Nano Boost target carefully

This “Overwatch” hero’s ultimate ability can provide allies with a major power and defense boost for a few seconds. Normally, you’d want to give these buffs to characters who can hit hard like Reinhardt, Soldier76, or Reaper. However, Nano Boost is best parted with another ally who has their ultimate ready.

Heroes like Pharah and Genji who have their ults ready can wipe the enemy team easier while Nano Boosted. Similarly, the defense buff will help them survive longer - mainly for Pharah who’s a sitting duck during her Rocket Barrage. There’s no denying that “Overwatch” hero Ana is a powerful healer and stands out among the other support characters.