The “Harvest Moon” franchise has become iconic for being one of the most laid-back simulator games since it released. While players must work and care for their Farm to make a living, they aren’t pressured by any impending enemies, hardcore QTEs, or time-consuming quests. Instead, you just live your life on a day to day case and enjoy every moment as you grow not only as a farmer but also as a person. With this being said, here are the top three “Harvest Moon” games you should play.

‘Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town’

Those who have yet to actually play the series should start with the game that contains the staple mechanics.

Friends of Mineral Town” stands for what the series has grown to become and is one of the most, if not the most, popular games in the entire series. This game is similar enough where you must take control of your avatar and start your own farm life while mingling with the villagers. According to Paste Magazine, the female avatar is only available in “More Friends of Mineral Town,” but there have been various mods in the game that have patched in features like same-sex marriage.

‘Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life’

Taking a different spin on the franchise, ‘A Wonderful Life’ still contains farming, but this time it places more focus on marriage and children. Best Tops shares that the game starts with your character arriving at the farm that was owned by his family.

Naturally, it isn’t in good condition and needs a lot of work to fix up. However, the game is divided into three stages that each have their own levels and the player is also required to marry. You will have a child and must raise him so that he, in turn, will look after the farm. This game is quite unique as it’s really great to see the town mature along with your family.

‘Harvest Moon’

Time to go back to the basics! While the series has spawned many games over the years, there’s still a reason why the original game is highly praised. Here, players take control of a character named Pete who takes over his father’s farm land. There is a sort of sentimental value that comes with the land which urges players to carefully tend to it.

However, Pete will encounter plenty of trials along the way like nasty weather, lack of irrigation, and even pest attacks.

If you haven’t already played the series, now is a great time to try. It’s never late to take a break with your modern and hectic life to till the fields and admire nature - albeit virtually.