Blizzard Entertainment just rolled out their latest patch for Overwatch,” which officially launched their newest playable hero, Doomfist. The new character has been teased many months ago and now that he’s finally made available, avid gamers are looking forward to his story and his abilities.

The newly launched hero is currently only available in Quick Play and Arcade modes. He will be added as a playable character on Competitive Play mode next week.

Doomfist’s backstory

The 25th "Overwatch" hero is a Nigerian whose real name is Akande Ogundimu. He was actually an heir to his family’s prosthetic-technology company.

He's a former martial artist who turned into a mercenary.

He lost his right arm after the Omnic Crisis, which was a rebellion led by the omnics against the humans. The Omnic Crisis was considered a world war and it was one of the biggest threats to the survival of human beings.

The new hero joined Talon and quickly made it into the ranks, eventually becoming one of the leaders of the group. Talon is a terrorist organization that had a twisted belief that humanity can only be saved and become stronger if it was engaged in various conflicts. Reaper, who was one of the initial heroes in “Overwatch,” is also a council member of Talon.

Doomfist was eventually captured by Overwatch and he was imprisoned for several years.

However, he managed to escape prison with just brute strength. He’s now going to bring back Talon to the scene while he’s out for vengeance.

Skills and abilities

Doomfist is a new character that boasts of both strength and speed. His design was based on a powerful, cybernetic gauntlet, which replaced his amputated arm.

The animated origin story from Blizzard Entertainment revealed that he managed easily even when he was against three Overwatch members namely Winston, Genji, and Tracer.

He was defeated by Winston after the latter unleashed more of his powers.

He is described as an offensive, brawler-style character. He possesses Hand Cannon, an ability that lets him fire short-range bursts from his fist.

His martial arts moves include Seismic Slam, which enables him to smash into the ground from a height and knock enemies down.

Rising Uppercut lets him punch enemies into the air while Rocket Punch knocks the enemy back after lunging forward, which can also deal added damage if the enemy hits the wall.

The Nigerian hero may be heavy on the offense but he also has one defensive move. The Best Defense gives him temporary personal shields whenever he deals damage from abilities.

Doomfist’s ultimate ability is called Meteor Strike, which delivers heavy damage and can immediately kill any hero within range. This ability shoots him up in the air so he can gauge and survey the map where he wants to unleash his ultimate attack.