The long wait is finally over as Blizzard Entertainment finally rolls out its latest patch for the popular video game, Overwatch.” The latest patch included changes in loot boxes and updated with the newest addition to the roster of heroes that players can choose from.

Doomfist is finally available

After months of teasing avid fans of the online first-person shooter video game, Doomfist is finally available for gamers to play. The said new hero was made available during the Public Test Region (PTR) for “Overwatch,” which was a short trial period with players to test out the changes the developers have been working on as well as the new character.

Even though Doomfist has officially joined the lineup, he can only be played in the Quick Play and Arcade modes. Blizzard Entertainment has not made him available for the Competitive Play mode yet. According to the game developers, the new character will be able to join the video game’s ranked mode starting next week.

‘Overwatch’ gets better loot boxes

The biggest highlight of the latest patch for “Overwatch” is most likely the official release of the new playable character, Doomfist but there are actually more important updates rolled out from the patch. Another huge improvement in the video game is the change in the loot boxes.

The loot boxes in the said video game were given as rewards after leveling up.

Players can also purchase them hoping to get a rare or legendary item. In the latest "Overwatch" patch, instead of spending a dollar on a certain character skin or any items, players now spend to get a bundle of loot boxes.

Each loot box contains a random item, which players can only pray that one will pop up with the item they actually want.

The downside of the loot box bundle is that players will most likely have duplicates but it’s better to have more loot boxes than none at all.

Blizzard Entertainment explained that they changed the loot boxes because they wanted to give players an experience of opening them in the game to be more exciting and rewarding. The developers assured that they will drastically reduce the amount of duplicates in the loot boxes that the players will receive and that they will compensate the decrease in the duplicates with an increase in the overall amount of credits that players will be able to receive from the loot boxes.

Other highlights from the new patch

Aside from the making Doomfist available and a huge change in the loot boxes, some heroes namely D.Va, Genji, McCree, Reaper, Reinhardt, and Zarya have been given minor upgrades. The developers have also adjusted the in-game respawn timing and even made Roadhog unavailable for Limited 1v1 matches.