The staff behind "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" talked about the plans and ideas that were incorporated in the said game on the last issue of "Weekly Jump." In addition, numerous topics were covered that include the planned consoles from the beginning, concepts of the game, soundtracks, and much more. Most importantly, there are also penalties for players who violate the rules---this includes the "Restricted Play" for players who use the Share feature.

Sharing parts of the game is not allowed because it will spoil other fans, who do not have the game yet.

The same rules apply to other Japanese games so far like "Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony." By violating the rule, players are guaranteed to experience the "Ashamed Curse," which makes players unable to shop, equip armor, and run away from battles. An annoying restriction, it is.

Producer Yosuke Saito, game designer Yuji Horii, and director Takeshi Uchikawa shared various points about the game. Some of them are the following: first, the PlayStation 4 version of the game allows players to enjoy it with their family and friends on a huge screen. Second, the soundtracks were planned to be new. Since there were numerous homage materials, the team decided to bring back the old ones from the previous series.

Now, the Dragon Quest Xi team reveals another update that features "reincarnated monsters."

Reincarnated monsters

Reincarnated monsters are new types of monsters that are announced to be in the game. Here is the post from Twitter user Temas that reveals what these monsters look like.

In addition, these are monsters who have lived long and have changed their appearance.

A few of these monsters are revealed with their names. The following reincarnated monsters are:

  • Cactus Gold
  • Heart Knight
  • Golden Cone
  • Violent Panda

These monsters may drop rare items and loot because they are a rare encounter. Furthermore, there are quests that ask players to hunt down these certain types of monsters. Details regarding drops and loot are not revealed, but it is certain that these monsters will reward players for killing them.

'Final Fantasy' 30th anniversary

At the bottom of the announcement page, a teased line mentions Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th anniversary that may be coming soon next week. As expected from Square Enix and the team behind the said game, more updates will be revealed soon.

"Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" is coming soon on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan. The Nintendo Switch version is not yet announced nor is the U.S. release.