While the whole “#Overwatch” community is preoccupied with Doomfist’s debut to the roster of heroes in the regular game, an “Overwatch” #Developer took the initiative of revealing a new #Hero coming into the realm.

The leaked information is posted on Imgur by BlackwatchFiles. According to the “Overwatch” informant, his objective is to provide the community with something to look forward to. The leaker believes that this is necessary since their game development team has decided to slow down character releases which are very evident with Doomfist’s launch.

She’s an atomic, weaponry expert

Our new hero is a lady scientist and her name is Alexa Gallanos, known by the alias Psyren. She hails from the coastal region of Greece. This Ilios woman will be added to the defense character options – an objective and choke point enforcer. Defense players are expected to grow affinity in her once she’s rolled out.

For a quick run through on her background, Alexia is the leading expert on energy technology with a vengeful motive guise in her feisty appearance. She’s the last torchbearer of the Blackwatch technology and is responsible for executing anti-omnic weapons development program.

This young scientist started working for Blackwatch when the Omnic freedom fighters revolted. Her mother who is an “Overwatch” field worker became a casualty of that uprising. Determined to avenge her loss, she used her capacity to steal the organization’s technologies and blueprints to exterminate the omnics.

Her sojourn to notoriety

Having mastered the Blackwatch technology, she remained with “Overwatch” to develop anti-omnic weaponry to counter the atomic threat posed by the omnics. Soon after the “Overwatch” got disbanded, she disappeared together with the equipment she obtained while working with them.

Prosecutors never found a proof linking Alexia’s involvement to the incident.

However, she was still branded a thief by “Overwatch” members who worked alongside her.

Earning her code name, Psyren

Alexia fled to her native country and set up a base in Ilios. From there, she developed her own technology. She was able to finish her experiment after stealing the last equipment she needed from Helix Securities.

Alexia made sure her ultimate weapon will not go to waste. She contacted Vishkar Corporation and collaborated with their bright light technology to polish the designs of the equipment she developed.

When she completed her own equipment, Alexia dropped her name and started working as an independent operative under the code name Psyren.

Psyren’s ulti revealed

We don’t know yet how her voice will sound like. But knowing her background, it is safe to assume that it will be a bit dialectic infused in a Professor McGonagall-ish tone. As revealed by the “Overwatchdeveloper leaker, her ultimate will be:

“In the end, we are all powerless!”