The Lucioball is coming back in “Overwatch” this summer. That is according to the latest leak that recently surfaced online. While fans are excited about this game in Blizzard’s first person shooter title, the news is not yet confirmed by the game developer.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user by the name Ekultron shared the latest leak reported about the game that was introduced in the Summer Games 2016. According to the Redditor, when the latest update hit the live server, the achievements surfaced. In the Doomfist update, there are three achievements that were added, these are Safe Hands, Volley, and Lucio Hat Trick.

These achievements are all pointing to Lucioball. When a player makes three consecutive saves, he achieves Safe Hands. On the other hand, a player earns Volley when a player takes a shot three meters in the air and scores a goal. While Lucio Hat Trick is achieved when a player makes an assist, scored a goal and saves.

Microsoft’s console

The latest details that slipped out from Xbox are not the first that fans have seen from the console. It is worth noting that this happened to the Uprising Event skins three months ago. In addition, it also spoiled the game’s Anniversary event when several dataminers discovered a new event lootbox. For dataminers, the information in the console’s new achievements is a good source of information for things that were not even hinted yet.

NetherRealm Studio’s “Injustice 2” had its roster of plot-significant characters leaked.

Summer Games

Meanwhile, the “Overwatch” summer event that was greatly enjoyed by fans in 2016 will reportedly return this year. In the previous month, there were datamined details revealing the event’s logo along with some spray for the Season Six Competitive.

There were sound files that several fans claim to belong to the Summer Games 2017. Two more sound files were recently uncovered through datamine. One allegedly is the sound during screen loading prior to the start of the brawl. The other sound file reportedly is the countdown sound for the brawl.

Release date

If the previous datamined details are to be believed, the Summer Games 2017 will reportedly arrive in the game in August.

It is worth noting that the crash log of Patch 1.13 on the game’s public test region has a title Doomfist/Summer Games. Doomfist is already live on the game server and is now a playable character on all platforms since July 27. If we based the release date on the crash logs, most likely the “Overwatch” summer event along with Lucioball will be just a few weeks away.