Many people love “Overwatch,” especially the characters and everything that comes with them. Fans go crazy whenever the voice actors make appearances at comic cons. Moreover, the “Overwatch” community appreciates everything related to the game -- from the biggest updates to the most mundane.

In our previous “Overwatch” post – Genji's voice actor reenacts Dragonblade – we witnessed how Gaku Space reenacted Genji’s famous ultimate with a real katana in his hands, which delighted the fandom. But that’s not all, I have found another video on YouTube featuring Genji’s voice making Prank Calls to medical centers.

Let us thank Historic Cereal for blessing us with this video.

Check the video below.

Now, here's a transliteration of the pranks.

Alert: Our favorite hero needs healing

The first call was made to a student health center. A representative named Patsy was the victim to offer the first blood in this attack made by a Genji prankster. He called and asked for healing.

However, Patsy did not understand him clearly. Like any other agent, she repeated what the caller said and inquired for more information. Then, she asked our wounded hero to hold for just a second. But Genji replied with a very cold “no.”

When the prankster kept asking for healing, she offered to call 911. To complete her request, she inquired again for his name.

And he replied with, “My name is Green Cyborg Ninja Dude. Hello? What’s wrong Hanzo? Don’t you recognize me?”

Patsy lost it and knew she was pranked. “No. Hondo. I don’t,” she ended the call.

Help! Genji needs backup

Sandra was the second victim. She wasn't cool with any prank calls and she’s made it clear from the moment she picked up the phone.

She asked for the "Overwatch" prankster's name and inquired if he wanted to have an appointment with the doctor.

For the second time, Genji introduced himself as Green Cyborg Ninja Dude and declined an appointment with the doctor. But she's got to know what type of assistance he needed. So, she tried to find out more about him.

“What is your birthday?” she asked. “1-3-44,” he replied.

Sandra decided to ask for more, “What is your last name?” Genji replied with “Angela” and reminded her to focus on the task at hand – he needs healing.

That moment made Angela realized that their Family Practice center was under a prank attack. Genji ended the call saying, “The sword is an eloquent weapon for a more civilized age.”

You will lose it in the last part

A happy gal named Jen from a University Center was able to handle this "Overwatch" prank attack very well. First, she asked for necessary questions to get the prankster's basic information. She certainly knew how to take control of the situation.

But Genji claimed he's on fire and the enemy was just around lurking from behind.

He began crying out loud. Jen was appalled upon learning his current situation. She’s evidently trying to hold her laughter.

To not spoil the fun, she offered him a call to 911. But Genji became disappointed at her and accused her of neglecting their plan. Then, the enemy revealed himself – it was Hanzo!

Genji quickly warned Jen to cover up. When the attack got cleared up, he reminded Hanzo that it is not too late to change course. But Hanzo was totally unfazed and attacked him – “Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!” Genji countered the attack with his ultimate, “Ryūjin no ken o kurae!” And Jen was nowhere to find.

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