If you thought we've had enough when “Overwatch” announced Doomfist’s arrival in the game, then you are wrong. Embarking on a new gaming biosphere, Blizzard is bringing in major Updates and changes to “Overwatch.” Some of these unannounced updates are spotted by eagle-eyed fans who can’t get enough of the game.

Zarya and Sombra future showdown

An eagle-eyed fan is able to spot Easter Eggs in an artwork presented during “Overwatch’s San Diego Comic Con stint. The new lore is believed to explore Zarya’s Russian roots and her vulnerabilities.

The upcoming comics will highlight a showdown between Zarya and Talon which is aimed to undermine the conflict between humans and AI-generated robots.

Meanwhile, Sombra’s role in the new comics is resulted by an ill-fated mission due to Talon's failed assassination attempt of Chairwoman Katya Volskaya.

Although Sombra has aborted the mission as she aims to befriend the Russian political icon, Volskaya will regard her as an enemy. The now doubtful Russian frontrunner will summon Zarya and ask for her protection. This is likely the root of the conflict between the two lady peacemakers – Sombra VS Zarya.

Meanwhile, according to PVPLive, this comics could be slated for either a late July or an early August release. Note that Jeff Kaplan assured new content will drop once a month for the rest of 2017. Therefore, there's no more need to wait until Blizzcon for its release.

Everyone’s favorite Lúcio player is leaving

Now for “Overwatch” community update. Our favorite Lúcio player already expressed his fading desire to continue playing the game. DSPStanky doesn't want to be a single-game streamer anymore.

The famous player announced in Twitlonger his plan of moving away from “Overwatch” in the coming months.

He noted that his relevancy to the entire game has already run its course and the personal enjoyment he used to love is now fading. He feels obligated to let the supporters know his plan and make a graceful exit from the community.

Doomfist in self-titled Comics

Overwatch” is undeniably a dynamic game. Proof to this is the events happening behind the scenes or just within its community.

Examples to this are the balance notes, new character rumors, e-sports broadcasts, and other simple things that engage every gamer in the virtual realm.

One of the recent development coming is the arrival of Doomfist to the roster of heroes in the regular game this July 27. This much-awaited hero has already been made playable on the PTR and more players are starting to develop their affinity with this character.

Aside from Doomfist’s brief origin story video, Blizzard is reportedly launching a new "Overwatch" comics featuring his back story. Fans will learn more about Akande Ogundimu and his return to the sinister Talon organization. The storyline will also feature the above mentioned ill relationship between Zarya and Sombra.