Blizzard has been vocal about their desire to continue improving “Overwatch.” This is why they always give the community a heads up about stuff they try to introduce. Well, this is actually thanks to the public test server of the game.

But going back to the topic of balance, “Overwatch” players are not really convinced that the maps offer fairness. Case in point, the Ilios’ Ruins stage is said to be unequal on both of sides. One gives snipers a huge advantage, while the other one blocks a major sight of the line. This eventually caught the studio’s attention.

Changes are coming to the map

It is worth noting that the disadvantage is not entirely significant. Therefore, Blizzard is still delivering its promise of balance. However, players believe that this small thing will eventually lead to something huge. It could be enough to create a statistical imbalance, one that the company has been trying to avoid. Interestingly, director Jeff Kaplan confirmed the said exploit, according to Dot Esports. He even promised the community that his team will take a look at it.

So how exactly will the “Overwatch” development team act on it? Kaplan, unfortunately, did not elaborate on the topic. However, he mentioned trimming the trees of the maps. This is actually a plausible idea, as the overgrown trees somehow contribute to this exploit.

This should put players at ease, knowing that Blizzard checked it out. But given the studio’s history, they might likely weigh the changes before actually implementing them.

Possible slight adjustments

Eventually, the very own principal level designer of “Overwatch,Dave Adams stepped in. He confirmed that they will be making the trees a bit smaller, preventing the blocking of either side.

They will also raise the set of blocks on two sides, so as to help prevent “some extremely long distance sniping.” Adams, like Kaplan, did not give too many details away. But for him, the changes should be better for Windowmaker in his own “opinion.”

The only catch here is that both Adams and Kaplan did not mention anything about the arrival of the changes in “Overwatch.” They did not talk about introducing the adjustments on the public test realm.

Therefore, it is also very likely these changes will arrive on the official servers. A major update is expected to arrive to the game tomorrow. The said update will be bringing the new character Doomfist. Perhaps, the adjustments for the Ilios’ Ruins stage are included in the update.