Following the “Kingdom Hearts 3” big reveal at the D23 Expo 2017, game director Tetsuya Nomura also gave a quick update on the status of the Final Fantasy 7” remake. However, it's something that the fans do not want to hear from Nomura.

In his most recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, the game director said that there are cutscenes of the remake that are further along than “Kingdom Hearts 3.” However, he reiterated what earlier reports said that the development of the game was turned over to an in-house production.

While this move may do something good, he added that it might take a while before he and his team can reveal anything with regard to the game.

That’s mainly because of the switch from external to internal production as the crucial reason that could explain the delay.

Release date still far off

It looks like Nomura’s statement agreed with the previous announcement from Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda that the release date of the hotly anticipated remake is still far off. According to Matsuda, the game will be released within the next three years, hinting that the launch can be pushed further until 2020.

Fans can clearly recall that the development of “Final Fantasy 15” was initially announced in 2006. It took nine long years before it finally hit the shelves in November 2016.

On the other hand, “Final Fantasy 7” Remake was first revealed at E3 2015 and it seems, the game might actually need a five-year timeframe for its development before it becomes available on PS4.

They say that one cannot rush perfection and somehow, it might just be the case for the upcoming remake. The original title was launched more than two decades ago and Nomura previously mentioned that the team has to revamp the battle system and stuff.

Some good news

A few weeks ago, game producer Yoshinori Kitasi brought some good news to the fans.

In his interview with Japanese website, Kitasi revealed that they have been recruiting the best people to go on board and help in developing a game that will surely impress beyond expectations of fans.

In addition to that, he also said that from his own point of view, he is happy about the graphics quality of the game and that it has met his standards.

However, he said that fans’ expectations are higher than his.

The original title had notably sold 11 million copies worldwide when it launched in January of 1997. It was hailed as the second best-selling video game of all time on PlayStation 1.

This explains why longtime fans of the franchise were so pleased with the surprise announcement of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" and will have the patience in waiting for it - even it means until 2020.