Pokemon GO” fans were not happy with how the real-world event in Chicago ended. It was a complete mess, with attendees experiencing some terrible moments. It was supposed to be day of celebration, not suffering.

Well, the past is the past, and it is time for “Pokemon GOplayers to move on. After all, Niantic offered some fair compensation (e.g. refunds, rewards, etc.) But perhaps the most interesting of these all is the arrival of the Legendary creatures. It was still a historic experience for the fans there.

Niantic just made some changes to Articuno

Following the mess in the aforementioned real-world event, the studio decided to release the Legendary creatures: Articuno and Lugia. Instead of fighting them via special raids, the attendees acquired the special beasts without any restriction. This was on top of the ticket and credit refunds, of course. The studio also announced that the two beasts would be experienced by players from around the globe. Fortunately, they did, and once again, playing the mobile game was a trend.

According to ComicBook, Niantic just made it easier for “Pokemon GO” players to capture Articuno. This is thanks to an update the developers just introduced. The said update increased the Pokemon’s base capture rate.

This should make the pocket monsters simpler to catch. Interestingly, Articuno’s base capture rate was not the only one increased. Two of the upcoming Legendary Pokemon, Moltres and Zapdos, will also receive the buff, though they are still unreleased. Nevertheless, this should help players have more chances of owning these special beasts.

Base capture rate explained

It is worth noting that in “Pokemon GO,” base capture rate plays an important role. It determines the players’ chances of capturing a pocket monsters, though they still depend on tons of factors. Regardless, the said rate is the most significant one. Since it is a “base” stat, this would somehow defy the odds of players owning a creature.

It means for them to succeed, there must be a certain level of accuracy, bonuses or spin bonuses, among others.

Since Niantic increased the base capture rate of Articuno, fortunately, owning it would not be much of a struggle in “Pokemon GO.” It is just interesting to know why Niantic did not do the same change with Lugia. As for the two Legendary Birds, their release dates remain unknown. However, there are reports suggesting that the studio will deploy them between the first and second week of August. But unlike the first two, players will have to participate in Legendary raids to experience them firsthand.