In light of the recent release of Doomfist in “Overwatch,” Blizzard also made some interesting changes on the game’s Public Test Realm. But perhaps the most noticeable one is D.Va’s new voice lines, which she expresses after deploying her Defense Matrix. It is definitely worth checking out.

According to Dot Esports, “Overwatch” fans have been bugging Blizzard to implement a cue that triggers whenever D.Va eats an ultimate or puts incoming damages into shame. Fortunately, the developer of the hit shooter title delivered and thus brought the update alongside the new character.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

D.Va and her Defense Matrix

In the game, D.Va’s Defense Matrix is considered the scariest defense line, as it literally renders incoming damages useless. In fact, even ultimates cannot penetrate it, with Pharah’s array of the missile being an epitome. Apparently, though, it happens so quickly that players barely notice it. This brought confusion to the community, as they believe Blizzard should implement a cue whenever the mech warrior unleashes the Defense Matrix.

In an update on “Overwatch” PTR, it appears that not only did Doomfist arrive, but it also created new voice lines for the aforementioned hero. These are basically cues that prompt whenever the mech pilot shuts down an enemy ultimate using her Defense Matrix.

In a video posted by StealthSecrecy on the official Reddit page of the game, it highlights the various voice lines that Blizzard brought to the test server. The first two lines were demonstrated with the help of Tracer, who threw her Pulse Bomb. As expected, it got denied by D.Va’s ultimate.

Introducing the voice lines

So far, the rest of the voice lines of D.Va on the “OverwatchPTR are impressive.

For instance, when she eats Pharah’s ultimate, she responds: “It’s a good thing I have an umbrella.” This is actually a witty change from Blizzard, giving the hero a sense of humor. This is not to mention the line she says when she shuts down McCree, saying that the clock is off (in reference to McCree’s “High Noon”). As for the old man Soldier: 76, D.Va tells him “no hacks for you.”

Lastly, Blizzard added a voice line in “Overwatch” PTR whenever D.Va shuts down Reaper’s Death Blossom.

She says, “Maybe next time.” Other players on the thread suggest that there is another voice line involving Roadhog, and with this hero, D.Va comments that “the pig is a little undercooked.” These are all fascinating and, for sure, players cannot wait to hear them on the live servers.