Overwatch” is releasing new voice lines for D.Va as revealed in the latest PTR update. After the recent launch of her $450 Statue, it appears that Blizzard believes the character deserves more than she already has.

Defense Matrix

One of the most interesting characters in “Overwatch” is D.Va. Her Defense Matrix has the ability to deny a lot of hero's ultimates in the game. Most often, it takes place so instantaneously that players will not even notice it. In this regard, many fans have been requesting for a cue or a signal that activates when D.Va consumes an ultimate.

Fortunately, Blizzard has been so responsive to the player's complaints that it delivered what has been requested.

In the recent update in the first shooter game’s public test region, Blizzard equipped D.Va with fresh voice lines. These new additions are triggered when she shuts down an enemy ultimate using her Defense Matrix. This is the same update that added Doomfist as the new game hero.

New voice lines

On Reddit, user StealthSecrecy uploaded a video that highlights the new voice lines in D.Va’s Defense Matrix. In the video that you can check out below, the first couple of voice lines is demonstrated by Tracer hurling her Pulse Bomb into D.Va’s Defense Matrix. This is the standard voice lines that any hero gets when its ultimate is denied.

All the other voice lines are new and are totally straight to the point and ill-mannered. The character can be heard saying that it is a great thing to have an umbrella during Pharah’s reign of justice from above. In addition, D.Va replied angrily to McCree’s high noon saying she thinks McCree’s clock is off.

Interestingly, the hero says, no hacks for you when Soldier: 76’s ultimate was shut down.

She also has a voice line for Reaper’s Death Blossom, saying he can try next time. There are other players who noticed that D.Va has also a voice line for Roadhog. However, it is not included in the video. According to claims, she quips the line, the pig is a bit undercooked for Roadhog.

Meanwhile, Doomfist is now available on the game’s PTR.

However, no voice lines were revealed for the game’s latest hero yet. Based on the developer’s update, the new hero had canonical interactions with other heroes - namely Winston, Tracer, and Genji.

The Successor is also anticipated to have interactions with other heroes on the villain side including Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra. According to game Director Jeff Kaplan, Doomfist is a council member of the Talon Organization, so interactions with these “Overwatch” heroes are expected.