Finally, the long-awaited hero Doomfist is now available on the official servers of “Overwatch.” The gauntlet-wearing antihero is the 25th character in the roster. Players will now have the chance to experience the thrill and fun of playing him.

According to GameSpot, the latest “Overwatch” is already here, and its biggest component is the aforementioned hero. The offense hero is playable on all platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here is everything about him in a nutshell.

Doomfist now playable

It is worth noting that the hero has been available for a couple of weeks already, but only on the Public Test Realm.

He was basically under review, a protocol that Blizzard does every now and then. Just shortly after his PTR debut, the studio introduced a patch that nerfed one of his skills. His Rocket Punch’s range was decreased, though his Ultimate called Meteor Strike acquired a UI indicator to help gauge its effectiveness. So far, the players loved everything about him and were excited to get hold of the Nigerian-born hero.

Doomfist is the 25th “Overwatch” hero and the 8th offense character. He is among the highly mobile characters thanks to his skill kit, which allows him to move from point A to point Be with ease. It is interesting to see how he is going to affect the meta now that he is part of the official game.

Obviously, Doomfist is a fitting addition to the dive comp, a team comp in which the likes of Winston, Genji and Tracer dominate.

More updates, too

Apart from the official release of Doomfist, Blizzard also unleashed a handful of changes in “Overwatch.” The patch introduced a couple of adjustments for a number of heroes. For instance, Reinhardt’s hammer can now swing more quickly than before.

Zarya’s ultimate called Graviton Surge can now disable targets completely. This means that once caught, heroes can no longer use skills that could help them escape. McCree’s Flashbang, on the other hand, can now slow enemies while stunning them. Reaper’s Shadow Step sound effects and voice over can no longer be heard from a distance, making him stealthier.

Lastly, D.Va’s ultimate Defense Matrix received new sound and voice lines.

Blizzard is also working on a new update for Junkrat on the “Overwatch” PTR. The studio is making him more efficient in close-ranged combat, as he is now able to triple-jump. Basically, his Concussion Mine was adjusted to allow him to reuse it after detonating (2 charges only). Things are definitely looking good in the hit shooter title.