Eliza finally arrives in Tekken 7 today, July 28, and she’s out now for purchase via Steam. The sleepyhead vampiric beauty also comes with an Unlockable Character episode and there is also a set of content drop available for free to all players on consoles and PC.

Eliza DLC out now

Following her release as a pre-order bonus character for “Tekken 7” on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in June, Eliza is available now for purchase via Steam at a price of ¥‎500 or around USD$4.99.

The game’s official Twitter account announced that players can now download the much-loved character via Steam.

Bandai Namco first confirmed that Eliza is coming on July 28 and can be purchased on PlayStation Store, Xbox Games, and Steam during the MASTERCUP Tekken Fight club stream.

The game publisher promised the fans earlier that she will be unlocked following the pre-order exclusivity period of 30 days post-launch. However, it actually took almost two months before Eliza was finally released for everyone.

It is noted that Eliza is the first paid character DLC and one of only two playable fighters with a meter mechanic in the game.

She will be playable both in offline and online matches and also has a character episode that gamers can unlock when they play through Mishima Saga story.

Free content drop

Bandai Namco also offers free content drops that coincide with Eliza DLC. This free pack comes with 10 pieces of Taiko no Tatsujin cosmetic items, which was first released in Fated Retribution – the arcade version of the current fighting title in the series.

It also features Taiko characters along with new player panels, icons, life bars, hit sparks, and sound effects to use on players’ characters.

More DLCs coming

The first DLC is slated to arrive in August and features the return of the zany bonus minigame, Ultimate Tekken Bowl. It will also arrive with a costume pack contains more than 50 outfits for the characters.

A free character panels DLC featuring the collaboration of well-known artists will be out in September. This addition was announced during San Diego Comic-Con last week.

The first of the two guest characters, Howard Geese from “Fatal Fury,” is on his way to join the brawl party this coming winter with his own stage and the other unannounced guest character is set to come out in spring 2018.

"Tekken 7" season pass holders will be getting the three paid DLCs at no added cost but players who don’t have a season pass can opt to make a separate purchase of each pack.