Niantic has finally delivered on their promise of bringing the Legendary creatures to “Pokemon GO.” This came after the mess in Chicago’s Grant Park where the first real-world event took place. But despite that, everyone is celebrating the arrival of the powerful pocket monsters.

Interestingly, there is a way for “Pokemon GO” players to locate and acquire the special beasts. According to Polygon, this is thanks to a community mapping site, which was developed specifically for the legendaries. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The Legendary Pokemon map

The site is none other than GymHuntr, which is a service that keeps track of all in-game gyms. This covers the most updated ones, showing the details – in real time – of local Raid Battles. Simply put, the site lists all Pokemon occupying the gym including the Legendary creatures. Similar to how location trackers work, the site offers interactive maps of all real-world locations. The only difference, however, is its live emphasis on what is really happening at gyms around the globe, instead of the just showing the creatures roaming around.

Obviously, GymHuntr is now a lot more useful with the arrival of Legendary pocket monsters in “Pokemon GO.” Both Lugia and Articuno are available for capture during raids only.

If players do not want to go outside to find out which gyms have these beasts, they can simply use the GymHuntr site. There is even a time that lets them see what is left for a certain raid, as well as updated info on the total number of trainers participating in the raid. This should help players plan their moves and/or strategy, giving them a better chance at defeating and capturing Legendary creatures.

The next Legendary Pokemon

Currently, the only available legendaries in “Pokemon GO” are Lugia and Articuno. They were released – with no restrictions – at “Pokemon GO Fest” as compensation for the attendees. They were made available two days after the event. The special beasts, however, are expected to become unavailable later on this month.

Therefore, Niantic will be introducing new ones. These will be Moltres and Zapdos, two of the three Legendary Birds. They will not arrive together, though.

The next Legendary creature will arrive sometime in August in “Pokemon GO.” It will be following by another Legendary, but after that, players will have to wait again. This could be the timeline for Mew and/or Mewtwo. The only catch, however, is that the studio has yet to reveal this.