Among the things players love about “Overwatch” are skins. They do not necessarily affect a hero’s capability, but they give the game a stunning approach. There is just beauty in playing knowing that the character looks different from the others.

But among the requests players have been bugging Blizzard about are weapon skins in “Overwatch.” According to Polygon, this could be a possibility thanks to the discoveries of data miners. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introducing weapon skins

Currently, weapon skins are tied to the skin of characters.

They change depending on the skin equipped to the heroes, and thus the design matches consistently. There is also an option to make the weapons painted in gold, which requires competitive points (the purple ones) of at least 3,000. Apparently, some players on Reddit took their time to unravel the mystery hiding in the latest developer video from Blizzard. Somewhere in the video (around 3:59 mark), a glimpse of Soldier: 76 wearing his classic skin can be seen. But the interesting part here is that he is wielding a never-before-seen variant of his Heavy Pulse Rifle.

Sure, the under-barrel rocket launcher is still there and active in the said “Overwatch” video. However, it appears to don a different design.

It is even completely different from the classic skin the hero is wearing. More importantly, this should not be happening because the weapon skins rely heavily on the skin of the character. This is where players suggest that Blizzard might be up into something. This is definitely not a coincidence or error from the side of the developers.

What this could mean?

Some “Overwatch” players propose that the prong on Soldier: 76’s weapon might be a flamethrower of some sort. But of course, such capability does not exist in the game yet. In a sense, though, the studio could be testing a flamethrower by changing the character’s existing gun. The interesting part here is that in the video, Sombra also has a different weapon variant.

She still wears her classic skin, but her weapons look differently. Clearly, the studio is brewing something exciting for the community.

Another theory is that these weapons are simply the designs in the upcoming “Overwatch” event called Summer Games. Why is this even a possibility? That is because the green barrel bears a round swoosh logo that is identical to the logo the studio used for the said event last year. Players are now hoping that the company is working on weapon skins. While it is an interesting thing to look forward to, it should still be taken with a grain of salt.