Like any other games, “Overwatch” requires a good amount of patience, skill and good decision-making capability from players. Without all of those, it is almost impossible to win matches and stay afloat in the rankings. There is no workaround, as this is how Blizzard developed the title.

Climbing the ranking ladder in “Overwatch” is not an easy task, but it is possible. There is always that chance to rank high and play with the best players in the game. To help achieve these goals, try using the tips below.

Do not use unfamiliar characters

In Competitive Play, it is always best to use heroes that you are familiar with.

If you main Hanzo, then go ahead and use him. Do not mind what other players say, but be sure to show them that you know how to use the character. After all, you main him.

But as much as you want to try other “Overwatch” heroes, it is better not to. If you think you are equipped enough to use Genji, then go ahead and try him. But if not, do not force yourself. Remember: you are playing in competitive mode, therefore, every match equates to either ranking high or low. If you want to try new heroes, use the game’s Training or Quick Play mode.

Always support your support characters

Most players in “Overwatch” neglect the fact that support characters are the heart and soul of a team. They keep the tanks or dps characters alive, making sure that everyone’s health bars are full.

This makes them a dangerous addition in the field and thus opponents try to target them first. So, as much as possible, be sure to defend your supports.

If your Mercy in “Overwatch” is taking shots, then offer some help. Besides, if they have good cover, they can easily regenerate their health. If you have not noticed yet, support characters tend to self-heal a lot faster than any other heroes in the game.

Moreover, you want to keep them alive, so your team can advance more efficiently.

Target the high-valued characters

Sometimes, “Overwatch” players are fond of damaging the heroes they see in front of them. There is nothing wrong about it, as it is also a great way to break the enemy’s core. However, you have to remember that the opposing team also have their own support heroes.

These heroes also ensure that their tanks and dps are in good condition. This is where you should take advantage.

If you think you can get inside and eliminate high-valued “Overwatch” characters of the enemies, then do it. It is best to eliminate the likes of Ana and Mercy rather than focusing on breaking Reinhardt’s shield. It is time-consuming and will not really help in advancing your team.