Ever since Bungie announced “Destiny 2,” players from all over the world were wondering what sort of stuff the sequel would offer. After all, it is an entirely new title – at least, that is what the studio wants the fans to believe. But in all seriousness, how interesting will the upcoming game be?

According to GameRant, it is true that some old weapons from the original game will be making their way to “Destiny 2.” It just remains a mystery as to what these weapons are. However, Bungie just revealed there will also be new weapon perks for players to enjoy.

The new weapon perks

The forthcoming game’s weapons will reportedly feature a brand new set up. This basically includes both the mods and shaders, something that the community has been wondering about. Apparently, it remains unclear if how exactly these mods will affect all of the weapons in the follow-up game. There is a titular theory in the fandom that these mods could, in one way or another, potentially allow players to add their own desired perks as additions to their guns. If this is really true, then there is a brand new endgame content for players to explore.

The aforementioned theory about “Destiny 2” is actually plausible. Previously, Bungie announced that the weapons and gears in the sequel will have fixed rolls.

This means that whether or not players grind, they should receive loots based on a fixed system generator, one that is completely different from before. The capability of allowing players to design their own weapon perks just make total sense with the system.

What sort of weapon perks could these be?

First and foremost, it is still too early to jump into conclusion, considering that “Destiny 2” is still months away from release.

But based on the revelations from Bungie, there is no reason to believe that these new perks could be related to the player theories. For instance, many suggest that weapons will be adaptive. They might even offer an increase in player movement, one that can work alongside aiming. There are also others who believe that these new perks could introduce Rapid-Fire and High Impact capabilities.

These two mean that the ammo reserves will be deep and that players will have long-range abilities (though the firing rate might be slower).

Bungie, however, confirmed that old weapon perks such as Crowd Control, Explosive Rounds and Snapshot will be making their way to “Destiny 2.” It is worth noting that these are already confirmed. It just remains a mystery if the studio added some tweaks to these old weapon perks.