Way before Blizzard released Doomfist on “Overwatch” PTR there was a lot of anticipation from the community. All players were eagerly waiting for the 25th hero in the roster, wondering what sort of skills he would offer. Now, he is here – fully playable on the game’s test server.

However, as reported by PVP Live, the highly celebrated “Overwatchhero is finally coming to the official servers next week. This means that players from all over the world will be able to use the gauntlet-wearing villain. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Doomfist coming to the official servers

The hero above is set to become an official inclusion of the game’s overall roster. He will become accessible in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC come July 27. This is a bit of a surprise, as many thought Blizzard would unleash the hero sometime in August. They ended up with the idea that the studio might use the same pattern when releasing Orisa. Well, it surely is not the case with this brand new character.

Interestingly, Doomfist is not a stranger in “Overwatch,” as he has been part of the lore since day one. In one of the first trailers for the game, he was described by two kids as someone “who can level a skyscraper.” It was also during in that video that his infamous gauntlet was featured for the first time.

Ever since his conceptualization, players have speculated that he would be one of the new characters coming to the game. As soon as Blizzard announced and released him on PTR, the entire community was celebrating.

Who Doomfist really is?

It is no secret that Doomfist is among the villains in “Overwatch.” After all, he is a member of the infamous group called Talon, and he works as one of the many counsels.

For him, the only way for humanity to gain strength is through conflict. Once people learn to embrace it, they are going to attain said strength. But of course, his ideology is something that Winston and his team do not agree with. This resulted in an epic battle, which ended in Doomfist getting in prison.

According to the very own “Overwatch” game director named Jeff Kaplan, Doomfist is not entirely a villain.

Kaplan was referring to the character’s mindset, who thinks of himself as a messiah. While he may be seeking honor and strength, his ways of achieving these are completely wrong to the eyes of the ordinary people. With his impending arrival in the game, it is interesting to show how much change he could bring to the table.