One of Doomfist's abilities gets a buff according to a player. The latest addition to the roster of heroes in "Overwatch" is scheduled to go live on the game's servers on July 27. Until its debut, Blizzard will definitely continue to fine tune the game's 25th hero.

Latest ability buffed

In Reddit, a user by the name wifitoaster shared several interesting details about Doomfist's abilities. According to the Redditor, the hero's Rocket Punch animation can now be canceled by jumping at the end of its ability animation. If the jump is properly timed right after the end of the animation, Doomfist sustains his momentum and can perform Super Jump.

This enables the seismic slamming hero to gain 10 meters more from the jump. The key to doing this is perfect timing. If the jump is made too early, the hero's Rocket punch will end early. On the other hand, if the jump is made later Doomfist will just make his regular vertical jump.

The latest animation cancel discovered by wifitoaster worked with the hero's Rocket Punch even when it is in the air. Moreover, the momentum enables Doomfist to travel further. Aside from those, the Redditor shared that the cool down for the said ability is still four seconds. This means that the Rocket Punch is an integral part of the hero's kit. This is somehow similar to the Swift Strike of Genji.

Meanwhile, the hero's creative agility coupled with tactical brawl skills is a very welcome change to the community.

So far, the 25th hero is viewed by many as one of the high skill heroes in the game and is expected to become better as players continue to discover his potentials as they progress in the game.

Other details

A few days after the rocket-pinching hero was released on the game's Public Test Region, his Rocket Punch got nerfed. Its distance was significantly reduced by 10 meters.

Initially, its range was 30 meters and is now down to only 20 meters. Yesterday, Blizzard appeared to have released a stealth patch. And many players have noticed that the distance of the Rocket Punch has been increased.

So far, Blizzard has not yet released anything official about the latest changes in Doomfist's abilities.

There is no patch note available for the latest update in PTR. However, there is a video capture of the hero's ability cancellation in the game's PTR.

Blizzard revealed last night that the 25th "Overwatch" hero will be released on July 27 on all platforms. Meanwhile, you can find the video of the information shared by wifitoaster below.