It seems the entire “Pokemon GO” community is still recovering from the mess in Chicago’s Grant Park. But despite that, it did not stop Niantic from rolling out new updates. In fact, the locations of pocket monsters might have been tweaked again.

According to “Pokemon GO” community in Reddit named The Silph Road, a new nest migration just occurred. This happened following the release of a new update from the studio. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

26th Nest Migration

Apparently, the studio introduced the latest nest migration in the hit mobile game.

It marks the 26th time the game is updated to relocate the pocket monsters in-game. In its most organic form, nest migration allows players to understand the certain area where a Pokemon tends to appear more frequently. But in order to prevent exploitations, Niantic updates this system from time to time. The only catch, however, is that there is no notification from the studio. Therefore, there is no way of knowing when it will occur or if it already occurred.

Thanks to “Pokemon GO” communities such as The Silph Road, players now have a decent way of understanding nest migration. This is quite helpful most especially to those who live in remote or isolated areas. Remember: most Pokemon in these places tend to show up from afar.

It makes the entire journey tiring, let alone getting frustrated if the area does not actually offer a certain Pokemon. With the community mentioned above, it helps players know where certain creatures tend to show up.

Real-world events

In related news, ComicBook reports that Niantic will have to delay the events scheduled in Europe.

This was due to the mess that happened in “Pokemon GO Fest,” which took place in Chicago’s Grant Park. Players were disappointed, as they were faced with connectivity issues. As a result, they barely played and enjoyed the event. Apart from that, players had to endure hours-long lines just to get inside the vicinity. Overall, it was not a worthy experience.

This prompted Niantic to delay the supposed European “Pokemon GO” events in August. They should work similarly to the one in Chicago. The studio explained that they would have to ensure the game’s playability before anything else. They do not want to replicate what happened in “Pokemon GO Fest,” which was stained by data congestion. The company promises to improve the live servers and ensure that the cellular networks improve their infrastructures in Europe. As of this writing, Niantic has yet to provide the new dates for the real-world events.