People are still taking about the likes of Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, but they seem to forget Carmelo Anthony and his talents. Well, actually, he is in the spotlight right now. This one had him involved a possible trade with another team in the NBA.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Carmelo Anthony is very much willing to waive a certain amount – and it is huge – just to make his trade with the Houston Rockets possible. It is quite surprising for Anthony to do such, but there is really that desire to be part of a championship-caliber team.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The possible Rockets trade

Anthony is ready to waive at least $8,125,785 – which is coined a “trade kicker” – just to make it easy for the Rockets to match the salaries involved in a trade. If this happens, it is going to change the balance within a conference division. This is not to mention the plausible scenario of seeing Anthony and James Harden working together. This is the latest contractual concession from the 10-time All-Star, proving his desire to move forward without the New York Knicks.

It should be noted, though, that Carmelo Anthony is still in a no-trade clause with the New York front office. But with the aforementioned waive, this can be changed.

This will also allow him to team up with Chris Paul, who was also recently traded to the Rockets. Even perhaps the most interesting possibility is seeing him playing alongside LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The latter, however, is very much likely given Kyrie Irving’s decision to exit the team.

What the numbers are saying?

Carmelo Anthony is due of $54,171,900 from the New York Knicks, and this figure can be obtained over the next two years. But since he has the no early-termination option (sometime in 2018), the “trade kicker” would have to be applied to his salary this upcoming season. This eventually pushes his salary to a near-max pay of $34,369,545.

The Knicks, however, will be the one to pay the $8 million, while the team involved in trading will have to match Anthony’s increased pay.

Despite what the numbers are saying, it cannot be denied that Carmelo Anthony wants out of the Knicks. He is obviously sick and tired of the team, which did not really give him a good run to the finals. With the possibility of moving in organizations like Cavaliers and Rockets, Anthony definitely has a good shot at winning his first ever championship title.