A lot of things are happening in the offseason, with one being the NBA Draft. While some are surprised with the picks some of the NBA teams made, others are just plainly interested with the drama involving free agency. Perhaps the most interesting player in the talk trades right now is none other than Indiana Pacers’ Paul George.

Recently, the basketball world was shocked following a report about Paul George wanting to be traded. It was quickly taken as a rumor, as the Pacers’ front office that time did not provide any confirmation or details. Apparently, it turned out to be true.

Pacers’ president confirms it

In an interview with Nate Taylor of the Indianapolis Star, the team’s very own president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard shared some interesting revelation. First and foremost, he confirmed that George really intends to opt out from his contract. Second, he revealed how surprised he was with the player’s decision. He really thought that everything was in place and that they agreed to make the franchise better.

Pritchard deemed Paul George’s decision as “a gut punch.” He explained that he and George already had “many conversations over the summer about players” that they wanted to add. They even discussed about the kind of style they wanted to incorporate in the team.

The executive added that he was very inclusive with the superstar, stating that they both want to “build a winning team.”

George’s possible new team

Based on Pritchard’s statements, it is unlikely for Paul George to change his decisions. Because if he did,or even if he wants to, he should have clarified the issue right away. Apparently, there is no definite reason why George wants out, though Pritchard iterated that they are ready to “pull the trigger” anytime.

NBA trade rumors suggest that the All-Star player is eyeing for a homecoming at Los Angeles, his hometown. If this is the case, then he will definitely be signing up with the Lakers.

The team’s front office, though, reportedly mentioned about not overpaying Paul George even if he decides to sign with them. This led to others believing that the organization is on the lookout for another superstar.

Although it is a bit of a stretch, rumor has it that it is going to be LeBron James. If these trades happen, the league will eventually see a new empire. In fact, Lonzo Ball’s inclusion to the Lakers is just one of the puzzle pieces that these rumors are trying to make.