It is no longer a secret that the next 'Injustice 2' fighter is none other than Sub-Zero. He is among three characters from the game's Fighter Pack DLC 1, which brought Red Hood first to the game. Interestingly, NetherRealm Studios' very own creative director Ed Boon shared some interesting details about the 'Mortal Kombat' veteran.

According to ComicBook, Boon sees Sub-Zero as the most substantial addition in 'Injustice 2'. While the character is already an icon in the video game industry, Boon assured the fans that his arrival is unique and compelling.

He iterated that among other characters in the sequel, the Cyromancer is far more interesting.

A unique incarnation

The aforementioned fighter has been featured in several fighting games, most of which came from the titular 'Mortal Kombat' series. While his additions did nothing extraordinary to his identity, Boon claimed that in the sequel, his incarnation will be way too different. He believes that the fighter's incarnation in the game is perhaps the most unique in history. He did not exactly say how unique the character will be, but he guaranteed the fans that this should be well-noticed the moment he arrives.

Sub-Zero is said to introduce a brand new cloning ability in 'Injustice 2', though NetherRealm Studios did not explicitly define it.

So far, as shown in his first trailer, he indeed showcased moves that were never displayed on any titles he was part of. More importantly, his entire appearance looks differently, most particularly on the way the ice embraces his arms. Perhaps Boon is referring to Sub-Zero's entire purpose in the game's lore, but of course, this remains to be unseen.

Ed Boon teases future DLC characters

Boon is known for teasing upcoming characters, not only in 'Injustice 2' but also in another title called 'Mortal Kombat X'. When asked about the future of the sequel's character roster, he brought up the silhouettes in the background of the game's first DLC reveal footage. It is worth noting that this trailer unveiled Red Hood, Sub-Zero, and Starfire, the latter being the last addition from the content.

"We give little teases - little shadow images behind them," he said.

He went to say how one of the silhouettes look exactly like Black Manta, a fighter that most fans have been looking forward. Unfortunately, as expected from him, he did not confirm if this is indeed the character. Of course, classic Boon. Believe it or not, this is would not be the first time that the studio lied about the character behind the silhouettes. Back when 'Mortal Kombat X' was still among the most popular titles, the 'Kombat Pack 2' fighters were also teased using the same method. Boon teased the one silhouette to be Black Manta, but unfortunately, it was none other than Baraka.