NetherRealm Studios set the record straight after releasing “Injustice 2.” Critics call it as one of the finest titles in the fighting-themed genre. Now, the video game company is looking to keep the momentum high with the release of a brand new fighter.

Suz-Zero has long been confirmed for a release in “Injustice 2.” In fact, the developers of the game have already announced the character’s official launch date. Believe it or not, he is coming with a reference to HBO’s popular TV show “Game of Thrones.”

Winter is coming

Indeed, winter is coming, as the aforementioned fighter is confirmed for release in July.

It was the game’s creative director Ed Boon who made the big reveal on Twitter, suggesting that the new fighter is coming on July 11. Interestingly, he dropped the news with a reference to the “Game of Thrones” series. “Winter is coming… in July,” the tweet says.

Back in May, Sub-Zero was revealed to be a DLC character in “Injustice 2” and will arrive alongside two more fighters. These are namely, Red Hood and Starfire. The former, as everyone is well-aware of, has already arrived to the hit fighting title, though players need to buy him for $6. All of these three new characters are included in the so-called Fighter Pack content, which has a price tag of $20. This content is already bundled with the Power Girl premier skin and Gods shader pack.

Fortunately for those who bought either the Deluxe or Ultimate editions, they can get the characters for free.

Sub-Zero’s history

Long before the first confirmation of Sub-Zero’s arrival, he was already rumored to be one of the fighters in “Injustice 2.” After all, NetherRealms Studios is fond of introducing characters from different franchises, most especially “Mortal Kombat X.” The character’s first reveal was during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in which the studio released a gameplay trailer.

Of course, all players know exactly who he is and what sort of skill he offers.

Sub-Zero can easily freeze an opponent in just a blink of an eye. In fact, he can draw out weapons in “Injustice 2” using ice. He basically uses this element to defeat his enemies. As for the other character Starfire, NetherRealm Studios has yet to unveil a specific release date.

But based on the schedule the two first characters were released, it is most likely for the studio to unleash it come August. For now, it is about time for players to anticipate Sub-Zero's upcoming arrival.