NetherRealm Studios just released update 1.05 in “Injustice 2.” It was meant as a stability update, fixing various bugs and in-game issues. Moreover, it made some balancing tweaks on the newly released character Red Hood.

Interestingly, just after the update arrived at “Injustice 2,” the next fighter in line named Sub-Zero is already included in the game. This comes as a surprise as many expected his arrival to be a few days from now. Well, there is a catch.

Sub-Zero now available, but unplayable

According to ComicBook, it holds true that NetherRealm Studios released the new fighter in the game.

But as far as playability is concerned, he is still inaccessible. Players will not be able to pick and/or play him until his official release on July 11. The interesting thing, however, is that he can be checked out anytime in the title.

Players quickly went to the game’s official Reddit page and various social media sites to share screenshots of the new “Injustice 2” character. This tease should not come to a surprise, as the video game company did the same thing with Red Hood before his release. Players were able to cover him and see all of his exciting gears of the character.

With Sub-Zero, players can also do the same. As per the screenshots, he can be seen wearing a cape. His overall costume or appearance is unique compared to his previous outfits in “Mortal Kombat X” and other iterations.

The developers made sure that his appearance goes consistently with the other characters in the sequel.

What to expect

To give players a preview of Sub-Zero’s capabilities in “Injustice 2,” the studio released a launch trailer for him. Players can see and hear his introductions and other dialogues, along with this special moves and skill sets.

While it is still early to put out a conclusion, it is not hard to tell that this character will offer a bunch of combos and abilities. He may appear as a close-range fighter, but some of his skills allow him to work magic from afar. Also, fighting in mid-range might be an asset, as he can be seen putting out disruptive mid-range moves.

Sub-Zero is known for zoning out enemies using his ice-based skill. NetherRealm Studios revealed lately that in “Injustice 2,” the fight has a new cloning ability. He can put out several clones to confuse opponents, most especially when being attacked. Things are looking good for the entire community. Stay tuned for more updates.