Injustice 2” is set to receive its newest addition to the character roster named Sub-Zero, a “Mortal Kombat” veteran. His inclusion is not really a surprise, considering the fact that developer NetherRealm Studioes already confirmed his arrival. Apparently, a latest update was deployed in preparation for the new fighter.

According to Daily Star, the studio just released a brand new “Injustice 2” update to fix some of the game’s known bugs and issues. Surprisingly though, it brought the gear loadouts of the forthcoming character. This means that, in one way or another, the game is being prepared for the new fighter’s release.

Sub-Zero gear loadouts

Sub-Zero is basically one of the three fighters from the game’s Fighter Pack DLC 1. The first one was Red Hood, who already made his way to the roster, and Starfire being the third and final addition from the content. The ice master, on the other hand, is scheduled for a July 11 release, but his gear loadouts in the game are already active. As a matter fact, players now have access to the various gears and/or cosmetic items of the fighter.

Injustice 2” just came about two months ago, with gamers and critics all applauding its success. The game is deemed as one of the most compelling fighting titles in the industry. It is safe to say that NetherRealm Studios wants to bring the game’s success further with the release of a brand new character: Sub-Zero.

A closer look at the character’s skills

The upcoming “Injustice 2” fighter is actually no stranger, as he is an icon in the titular “Mortal Kombat” series. He is known for using ice as his primary skill, coupled with some interesting martial arts. As expected, the character should still offer these moves in the game. However, the studio iterated once in the past that a new cloning ability will be added to him.

It remains to be unseen, but it definitely has something to do with his favorite element.

In the “Injustice 2” lore, Sub-Zero serves as a Grandmaster, but he “vows to redeem that honor.” With that said, he pledges on defending the realm from any possible threats “near, far, and beyond.” In a world terrorized by Brainiac, Sub-Zero sees this as opportunity to find and acquire redemption.

So far, the studio has already released the first trailer for the Cryomancer, but the aforementioned update further gave fans a deeper look at the character. Following his release to the hit fighting-themed game, Starfire is expected to be the next fighter on the spotlight.