Game publisher Koei Tecmo recently released some juicy new tidbit details of the upcoming “Dynasty Warriors 9” or “Shin Sangokumusou 8” in Japan, via Weekly Famitsu.

More Characters Join Up The Fight

The game publisher has recently revealed new details of old characters that will be included in the ninth installment of the popular video game. These characters include the great and fearsome Lu Bu, Lu Xun and Sun Shangxiang from the forces of Wu, Zhou Cang from the forces of Shu, and Man Chong, which was an officer of Wei.

How The Story Progresses In This Game

With the latest release of the “Dynasty Warriors” game series, players must complete the main missions first before they can progress with The Story this time around. Since this is an open world type of video game, they will encounter several quests, accidental battles, and they can even find some other factions that could result in a conflict, which they will have to fight as well.

Sidequests And Other Encounters Explained

In “Dynasty Warriors 9,” Koei Tecmo explained that players will have the chance to encounter some animals in packs like wolves and they can fight them. These wolves will be rabid ones that will fight to the death to protect their lands.

They will be able to encounter pandas as well, but these will be gentle creatures and they will get a surprise when they meet these animals.

Players can also go for the evil route like becoming bandits and thieves that rob and loot caravans that transport goods across the land. Attacking and killing all the guards of the caravan will give them some valuable items and cash that they can use for trade and buying items like weapons and armor.

These actions that they take will affect other battles in the future, which can either be good or bad.

Major City Environments, Infiltration, And Siege Weapons

The game publisher also revealed that the major cities in the video game will have their own unique environments, which will make every city visit interesting. Players can also visit the famous locations of these old Chinese cities like the famous bamboo forest of Chengdu, and the Great Wall.

Players can also infiltrate a city if they will attack one without siege weapons. They will have to use the grappling hook to climb the walls, which will be easy to do. When they get to the top, they will have to fight against a lot of soldiers, which could become overwhelming. Siege weapons like the battering ram are available as well, but they will have to fight against waves upon waves of soldiers while it destroys the gate.

Difficulty Will Change From Time To Time

The missions in the story of “Dynasty Warriors 9” will have different types of difficulty, but it will depend on the players. For example, if the players did not bring any siege weapons to break down a gate, it will be more difficult to infiltrate a town or a city with big walls.

Check out the “Dynasty Warriors 9” History Reborn video below: