Injustice 2” came with a huge bang following its official release a couple of weeks ago. It became a huge hit that most critics call it as one of the most successful fighting games of today. It offers a great array of characters, each equipped with an interesting story and abilities. Interestingly, this roster will soon increase.

Right now, one may think that “Injustice 2” has all the assortment of fighters it needed. However, NetherRealm Studios, the game’s developer, is yet to be done with the game. That is because more and more characters are expected to arrive sooner or later.

While the topic is still fresh, it might just be interesting to know what other characters are coming to game.


The game already has a good chunk of villains, but nothing can simply surpass the greatness that is Doomsday. This character’s inclusion will surely bring a unique gameplay experience, not to mention the thrill of defeating him. In fact, his arrival is already boosted, given his film time at the recently released “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Of course, the developers will have to think of a way to balance him in “Injustice 2.” After all, he is the kind of guy who is willing to take an awful lot of damage. Perhaps the studio will resort to shrinking down his abilities to ensure gameplay balance.


Since “Injustice 2” is mainly about DC characters, adding Constantine is just the right move. There are rumors of him showing up in the game’s future DLC. As to when it will be, no speculations can tell. Nevertheless, his badass skills and charm are enough to convince the developers into adding him. His supernatural powers, in particular, are a sight to see and it is interesting to know how he will go up with all the characters in the game.

Constantine is also known to venture on dark powers, something that movies and TV series have conveyed over the course of years. One of his skills might just involve lighting a cigar, a thing he is quite known for. Either that happens or not, having him in the game is already a huge consolation.


If Supergirl had the chance to debut in “Injustice 2,” then there is no reason not to believe that Batgirl will also make her own.

Besides, she has proven time over time that she is the female counterpart of Batman. Her set of toys are enough to doze off other male characters. Of course, seeing her go up against other female fighters is also a fun thing to watch.

It is worth noting that Batgirl already made her way to the original game. This is why many were wondering why NetherRealm Studios decided to remove her from the sequel. Perhaps the studio is onto something and that she might eventually get a shot in the game soon.