Injustice 2” is perhaps one of the most highly celebrated fighting titles in recent memory. It is packed with a great roster of characters, each having unique skill sets and abilities. More importantly, the gameplay experience the game offers is just off the charts.

Just recently, developer NetherRealm Studios announced the forthcoming arrival of Sub-Zero in “Injustice 2.” Although a trailer teaser was released primarily for the fighter, the company never showcased his entire moves. Well, not for long, as the company announced an upcoming live stream.

The Watchtower stream

According to ComicBook, after weeks of being absent, the popular Watchtower stream is back and is scheduled to take place come Friday, July 7. The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the game, and obviously, the star of this stream is none other than Sub-Zero. Although it was never mentioned in the announcement, the way the image was designed says it all.

The “Injustice 2” Watchtower stream will commence at 1 PM PDT on that day. “Come and chill with us for a special #Watchtower stream,” the tweet says.

Of course, the term “chill” refers to Sub-Zero, who is well-known for using ice. NetherRealm Studios is clearly foreshadowing the events that should take place during the stream.

Introducing the ‘Mortal Kombat’ character

During the aforementioned “Injustice 2” live stream, players will get to understand the new character even more.

They will see how this “Mortal Kombat” character will adjust in a whole new setting, considering he is from a different series. More importantly, the studio will showcase the character’s moves and skills -- from the basics down to the specials. The video game company promised in the past that Sub-Zero would offer a new cloning ability.

This skill, in particular, might just be discussed during the livestream.

The Watchtower stream is known for giving the community a scoop on new fighters or characters. Here, the "Injustice 2" developers will talk about everything that revolves around a character. This might be the lore or the nature of competitiveness. But perhaps the most interesting part here will be when the developers and the QA members of NetherRealm Studios play the game on their own. They will play using the new character and show off every effective way to focus the combos, counters, and abilities, among others. This is definitely a treat, considering how little the action was in the first trailer for Sub-Zero.