Injustice 2” arrived with a huge bang, impressing both fans and critics. It became a template for fighting games, further cementing developer NetherRealm Studio’s reputation in the industry. Perhaps in a move to keep the game’s momentum going, the company teased the possibility of an expansion.

According to ComicBook, the video game company’s very own Ed Boon hinted at an upcoming story mode expansion for “Injustice 2.” This only means that there are more to these characters than what they are now doing in the game. But as for the specifics, this still remains to be explained.

A story mode expansion teased by Ed Boon

It holds true that the sequel does a pretty good job of covering the story behind each fighter. Each of them has well-written dialogue; enough to stir the interest of players. While people might be satisfied with what they have, Boon says otherwise. The creative director for NetherRealm Studios tweeted two words: “Story mode…” The post was simple but compelling. Now, a spark has ignited the community as players speculate what he meant by his tweet.

Boon is known for teasing and hinting to fans about anything “Injustice 2,” but most especially when the game was still unavailable. While his tweet is quite interesting, it could mean anything. Besides, the studio currently has two titles on the go, one is “Mortal Kombat X,” so one cannot really rule out the possibility that the phrase “Story mode” could also refer to the latter.

A major add-on

Whether or not the supposed expansion is for “Injustice 2,” there is no reason to believe it will not be a major addition. Considering the kind of characters the developers have added to the game so far, they might really be up to something big. One interesting theory in the community is the addition of the “Teen Titans,” as the show has a good deal of characters.

They are definitely worthy of being added to the game as part of a story mode expansion -- or as DLCs.

Case in point, the highly anticipated Red Hood has finally arrived in “Injustice 2,” and will be followed by two more characters: Starfire and Sub-Zero. The latter is a crossover from the phenomenal “Mortal Kombat” series.

It should be noted that are more characters coming to game in the future. This has been confirmed by NetherRealm Studios already, though no specific release dates were revealed. It will be interesting to see how the game’s story will unfold as these fighters find their way into the game.