NetherRealm Studios has introduced two of the three newest characters in “Injustice 2,” namely Red Hood and Sub-Zero. The former arrived first while the latter is on its way. The fighters are part of the “Fighter Pack 1,” the game’s first DLC.

With the impending release of Sub-Zero, a “Mortal Kombat” veteran, everyone is already anticipating the arrival of another fighter: Starfire. She is the third and last inclusion from the aforementioned “Injustice 2” content. Interestingly, the studio has already started hyping her introduction to the game.

Introducing Starfire, the newest fighter

According to ComicBook, the game’s creative director Ed Boon tweeted two emojis referencing to Starfire. Well, it is obvious, as the emojis are a star and a fire. It does not really take an expert to decode what Boon meant by his tweet. The tease came just moments before the NetherRealm Studios’ Watchtower stream, a footage where the developers showcase any upcoming contents and/or characters. There is no trailer yet for the Starfire, but everyone knows she is the next fighter to arrive in the sequel.

The studio has not also released any details pertaining to the newest “Injustice 2” fighter. But if Boon really meant something significant with his tweet, the players can expect the fighter’s reveal any day from now.

Perhaps a trailer of sorts will be released, just enough to keep the hype at bay. In one way or another, the studio would resort to unveiling the character’s official release date. This may seem to be a bit of a stretch, but anything can really happen.

The Cyromancer Sub-Zero

Right now, though, fans are eagerly waiting for Sub-Zero’s arrival in “Injustice 2.” His incarnation in the sequel is believed to be the most unique in history, at least this is what Boon believes.

NetherRealm Studios, however, mentioned about adding a new cloning ability, one that has yet to be seen in any Sub-Zero incarnation. In fact, the character’s gear loadouts has already been activated a few days back. This gave players a direct peek at the stuff relating to the ice element master.

Interestingly, Sub-Zero will be donning a different look in “Injustice 2” and it is unlike anything in other titles or incarnations.

His ice element is even heavily embossed on his arms while his headgear looks so much different from the “Mortal Kombat” series. There is no word yet, but the developers are believed to further add characters from the said franchise, with Raiden being the most hyped character.