Injustice 2” came with a huge bang, with critics and gamers alike singing praises. To keep the game’s momentum afloat, developer NetherRealm is set to release yet another character by the name of Sub-Zero, a veteran from the titular “Mortal Kombat” series. Interestingly, a release window has just been announced.

It is no secret that “Injustice 2” was confirmed to include characters from other titles developed by the aforementioned video game company. Hence Sub-Zero’s announcement was not really a surprise, though it certainly made each fan excited.

After all, this guy has been a crowd-favorite ever since its conception.

Release date and move sets

NetherRealm Studios is reportedly working on a summer 2017 release date for the upcoming “Injustice 2” character. While it is already confirmed, the studio cannot provide any specific date as of yet. With the month nearing, fans can expect the video game company to drop further details and teasers. A gameplay footage might soon be made available.

The highly anticipated fighter will become available as a DLC starting July. The studio has iterated that its move sets will be featured in an upcoming trailer. This will include even the deadliest of techniques he had in the previous installment and/or other tie-ins.

Equipped with a new ability

Sub-Zero is known to be a master of ice, and thus he will be in “Injustice 2.” Interestingly, the developers are adding a new ability in which he can perform an ice clone. In fact, this was unveiled by NetherRealm Studios during their presentation at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The studio also unveiled that the forthcoming character will be featured in a soon-to-released trailer as well as a live stream event happening on Thursday, June 15. It also remains a mystery if the character will arrive with epic skin options and whatnots.

Although no release date has been officially announced, it is no secret that Season Pass owners will be acquiring the “Injustice 2” character first.

It will be followed by anyone else later on. Besides, the video game company did the same thing with Scorpion in the original title. It is the studio’s way of reviewing if the “Mortal Kombat” character fits right into the confines of the franchise. Well, given the success of the first game and insurmountable popularity of the sequel, it would not really be a surprise. The developers are just way too good with what they are doing.