Almost all “Injustice 2” fans know that NetherRealm Studios has a lot of new characters in-store for the game. After all, they are the same studio who did the same process on “Mortal Kombat X.” But of course, players cannot still help but wonder who these new characters are.

In light of the hype building around Sub-Zero, the studio’s very own creative director Ed Boon has once again teased the fans of “Injustice 2.” This time around, though, it focuses on a character that has been teased over and over again. Well, it is none other than Black Manta.

Boon on teasing the new character

According to Bleeding Cool News, the tease happened during Boon’s discussion with DC Entertainment led by the Rahul Kohli (“iZombie). As expected, Boon first discussed the upcoming arrival of Sub-Zero, the veteran from the “Mortal Kombat” series. Apparently, the creative director went to take a shot at one of the most talked about characters named Black Manta, who is known to be Aquaman’s primary villain.

Interestingly, Boon’s tease does not have that significance in the “Injustice 2” community anymore. Not because Boom himself has been teasing him over and over again, but WB Games already did it by releasing a teaser image. The said image features the three fighters from the “Fighter Pack 1” DLC, and these are Red Hood, Sub-Zero, and Starfire.

However, behind these fighters are silhouettes that make up certain characters, all of whom are believed to arrive at the sequel soon. One of these silhouettes appears to be Black Manta. (Heck, Raiden is even there).

The teaser image

The image above from WB Games showcase a total of six silhouettes. Although the developers of “Injustice 2” did not confirm anything, there is the reason to believe that this is foreshadowing something.

These silhouettes might refer to the new characters coming to the title. Interestingly, when asked about the image, Boon said without giving away too much that among the shadows are Black Manta. While this can be an interesting revelation from the creative director, it would not mean anything if there is no official announcement.

Currently, “Injustice 2” is expected to receive Sub-Zero as the next fighter from the “Fighter Pack 1 DLC.” He is second to Red Hood, who arrive a few weeks back. With Sub-Zero’s impending release, players are already expected NetherRealm Studios to release more details about Starfire, the third and last fighter from the content.