Gamers surprisingly continue to invest their time playing Blizzard’s popular hack-and-slash RPG “Diablo 3”. The latest DLC content update named “Rise of the Necromancer” seems to have called back veteran demon slayers. As the name suggests, the new update allows gamers to finally play as a Necromancer, which is one of the most popular classes back when “Diablo 2” was released. Along with the new character class, the most recent update also brings along new loot and legendary gear, which is obviously the main reason why players grind out several hours playing the hellish RPG.

Despite being just recently available for a few days, hardcore fans have already completed the story campaign in “Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer”. Some players have already figured out and shared the best character builds depending on a user’s play style. It seems that these expert players have also crunched the numbers and determined which legendary gear sets work the best. The guide hopes to help players locate these items and deck out their Necromancers into death-dealing destroyers.

Obtaining legendary items

Just like its predecessors, “Diablo 3” players will still rely on the good old-fashioned RNG system to grab the new and rare “Rise of the Necromancer” equipment. These can drop from exploring certain areas of the procedurally-generated dungeons on Torment difficulty.

Other players can obtain them via Blood Shard gambling. These gear sets are intended to boost Necromancer builds with helpful bonuses. Once players have a complete set of six, they will have access to Set Dungeon challenges corresponding to their gear.

Grace of Inarius

The Legendary gear set offers “Diablo 3” Necromancers the following set bonuses:

  • 1,000 percent Bone Armor damage increase for a set of two.
  • Having a set of four gives players an added two percent damage reduction per hit.
  • A complete set of six increases damage enemies take by 2,750 percent, and an additional bone tornado causes up to 750 percent damage to opponents.

The Set dungeon is located in the Drowned Temple Act 1 at the bottom.

Trag’Ouls’s Avatar

Necromancers can avail the following bonuses for the respective number of sets:

  • Receive the effects of every rune during Blood Rush with two pieces.
  • Collecting four pieces will net “Diablo 3” players up to 100 percent more of their maximum life for 45 seconds, provided they are at full health.
  • A complete set permits users to deal around 3,300 percent increased damage for abilities that drain health. However, it drains twice as much life, but healing skills are increased by 100 percent.

The set dungeon can be found in Act 4 in the Upper Realm of Cursed Fate.

Gamers must turn right upon entry, follow a path that leads down, and eventually reach an entrance on the right.

Pestilence Master’s Shroud

This Legendary set of the Pestilence Master provides the following bonuses:

  • Allows players to launch a Corpse Lance for every consumed corpse with two sets.
  • Holding four items will reduce damage taken by 2 percent for every enemy hit with a Bone Spear and maxes out at 50 percent.
  • A complete set gives Necromancers an Empowered Bone Spear charge that maxes out damage at 3,000 percent.

The Set dungeon can be found in Bastion’s Keep at the Stronghold level 3 during Act 3.

Bones of Rathma

The final Legendary set for “Diablo 3” Necromancers gives the following perks:

  • A chance for a reduced cooldown for Army of the Dead by one second each time minions deal damage with two items equipped.
  • Four items give users an additional one percent damage for 15 seconds each time minions deal damage and stack up to 50 times.
  • A complete set will give gamers increased minion damage and 250 percent for Army of the Dead based on the number of active Skeletal Mages.

Users can find the set dungeon during Act 2 of the Sacred Path. The entrance can be found just to the left of the Shrouded Moors exit.