Almost all fans will agree that “Horizon Zero Dawn” is among the best PlayStation 4-exclusive titles out there. Its way of encouraging players to explore and appreciate the wilderness is just insurmountable, let alone the engaging combat it offers. Had this game failed miserably, Sony would definitely not decide to make a franchise out of it.

At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), developer Guerilla Games announced the first ever “Horizon Zero Dawn” DLC called “The Frozen Wilds.” Although the reveal trailer does not give away too much, it can be deduced that Aloy would undergo yet another life-threatening adventure.

This time around, though, the snow makes the entire journey more dangerous and, well, cold.

Aloy deserves more respect

At the very beginning of the game, Aloy is considered an outcast, and is someone despised by her very own tribe. She does not even get to a point where she is not reminded of her lowly status. This loathing, however, gives the character a reason to seek redemption, which she ultimately finds in the game.

With the upcoming DLC, it might be interesting to see the “Horizon Zero Dawn” character being applauded and praised. After all, she saves the world from possible destruction. The content could be a way to showcase a different arc in the story of Aloy, but this time, she is the one on top.

More about the ‘Metal Devils’

At the later part of “Horizon Zero Dawn,” the myth involving the so-called “metal devils” was revealed. They are basically huge mechanized robots that both created and coordinated all of the self-replicated attack robots. Apparently, the base game does not detail the very existence of the colossal robots.

They are instead referenced by histories as well as stories told from the elders’ perspective.

In “The Frozen Wilds” DLC, it is interesting to see Aloy unraveling the mystery surrounding the “metal devils.” Of course, the most exciting part here is a showdown between her and one of the mechanized giants. This could be a boss fight or a special quest, but either way, the experience would certainly be momentous for players.

High-tech weapons and items

In “Horizon Zero Dawn” right now, the Shield-Weaver armor that Aloy wears is perhaps the most advanced piece of equipment she owns. It is about time that Guerilla Games introduce more of these high-tech armors and/or weaponries via the upcoming DLC. Regardless of how they can be obtained -- be it through quests or special missions -- their addition is simply remarkable.

The Frozen Wilds” content is a perfect vessel for the developers to introduce more out of this world technology in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” If Aloy continues to wear the Shield-Weaver armor, perhaps she can partner it with a more technologically advanced weapon.