Overwatch” players finally got what they have always wanted: Doomfist. The 25th hero in the game first arrived on Public Test Server and continues to reign with his gauntlet there. It is safe to say that he is perhaps the most celebrated character in the game right now.

Fortunately, Doomfist is finally on his way to the live servers of “Overwatch.” He is expected to be launched next week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. With his impending arrival, it is interesting to see what players can expect from him.

Improving the dive meta

It is no secret really that Doomfist is a great addition the popular dive comp meta.

After all, he is a highly mobile character thanks to his skill. His Rocket Punch, in particular, lets him move from point A to point B. It even goes without saying that his ultimate move, called Meteor Strike, lets him leap in the air and plummet straight to his enemies’ faces. These are all enough to make him a substantial addition.

The current dive comp right now is a working perfection in “Overwatch.” But with Doomfist’s arrival, the comp’s monotonous strategy of leaping and moving forward will even be improved. There is now a hero that is capable of eliminating another hero with a single punch. Remember: none of the heroes (e.g. Genji, Winston and Tracer) in the said comp are capable of killing opponents in a single blow.

With Doomfist, the goal of the comp – which is to invade enemy lines in a hurry – can be reached at a much faster pace. It is just interesting to see how well Doomfist can fulfill these.

Boost in support heroes

In “Overwatch” right now (particularly in the lower tier ranking), players are fond of picking DPS and/or tank characters.

No one wants to play support, as they believe it is a boring role. But with Doomfist’s arrival, this should be changed for the better. It is worth noting that despite the character’s high mobility, he does not have a concrete escape ability. Once all of his skills are used, he cannot easily get out of the battlefield. This is different from Winston and Genji (most especially Tracer), as their escape mechanisms tend to cooldown a lot faster.

This is where support heroes will enter. They will be there to support Doomfist, keeping him alive as he wreaks havoc. Eventually, more and more players will pick support characters such as Ana, Zenyatta Mercy. After all, Doomfist is a DPS character that is able to carry the team. Therefore, the support heroes need to keep him alive.