First and foremost, the Legendary creatures’ arrival in “Pokemon GO” was already confirmed by Niantic before. The studio even declared summer to be an official timeline of the beasts’ release. But with the recent changes and updates, the community was losing hope.

However, it seems “Pokemon GO” players finally received the long awaited announcement from Niantic. That is because the studio just revealed the upcoming arrival of a Legendary creature in the game. While this is an interesting turn of events, there is a catch – and it is a huge one.

The first Legendary Pokemon

According to Rolling Stone, the first special beast is finally coming to hit mobile game. However, this can only happen if and only if the players at Chicago’s Grant Park (attendees of the “Pokemon GO Fest”) are successful in a certain challenge. This is the Challenge Windows in which players need to gather enough number of Pokemon to win the obstacle. Niantic revealed on its official site that if this is successful, they will release the first Legendary beast in the game.

It is worth noting, however, that the reveal will only happen in Chicago’s Grant Park where the real-world “Pokemon GO” event will take place. This will be launched on Saturday, July 22, and the fate of the special beasts are in the hands of the players attending the events above.

Not just this, though. If they are successful in defeating the Legendary Pokemon, this Pokemon will begin appearing in all Raid Battles in the world. Again, at the end of the day, it is up to the players in Chicago to make this happen.

What happens if they fail?

Unfortunately, the “Pokemon GO” developers did not detail what exactly would happen if the players get defeated.

But of course, this should not be a concern, as players need to ensure that they win the challenge. It is also interesting to note that Niantic just confirmed the Legendary creatures to be raid bosses. Remember that there was once a speculation that the special beasts would become the bosses in the new feature. Indeed, this is what is going to happen during the period of the real-world event.

Pokemon GO Fest” is considered to be the biggest (and first) real-world event from Niantic. There are tonnes of exciting stuff for players to enjoy, while players from the other countries of the world will be given a chance to join. They will be part of the Challenges Window, and their success will also determine the success of players the park above.