When Ubisoft launched “For Honor,” it acquired an acceptable number of players from around the world. The game showed great potentials, with fans praising the unique combat experience it offered. Unfortunately, as each day passes by, the game’s significance in the industry slowly diminished.

Nevertheless, this did not stop the studio from releasing more contents and/or updates in “For Honor.” This is in fact evident by the release of the second season titled “Shadow and Might,” which brought new maps and two playable characters, among others. Now, a noticeable improvement can be seen thanks to an upgrade the developers introduced.

The Join in Progress feature

The Join in Progress was already rumored to be introduced to the game. Just recently, the developers at Ubisoft decided to activate it. Thanks to this feature, any player may now enter the post-game matchmaking lobby without issue. It is worth noting that this has long been a request within the community.

The aforementioned “For Honor” feature was developed specifically to improve the matchmaking system of the game. By doing so, too, the overall gameplay experience can be improved. The feature was activated through a quick maintenance, which the studio implemented just recently. It was a seamless process of integration, thus most players did not notice it at the get-go.

Why the feature was implemented

One of the issues “For Honor” continues to experience is the dramatic decrease of players in matches. This is due to the numbers of rage quitters increasing each day despite the release a penalty system. To resolve this problem, the Join in Progress feature was built. This should be able to fill the leftover slots in a match to bring a better, if not the best, gameplay experience.

The feature was also a product of feedbacks from “For Honor” players complaining about continuity issue within the game. Basically, in the past, whenever a great number of players leave the lobby, it is almost impossible to start a new match. As a result, players are forced to leave the lobby and proceed with a re-queue. This became a burden, as players find the process a bit of a struggle.

Thankfully, with this feature, this roadblock is removed. Players are now expected to experience seamless matchmaking progress. So far, it is working as intended, with fans applauding Ubisoft for the marvelous job they did. The community now expects this to be one of the many steps towards a better gameplay performance within the game.