For Honor” experienced a not-so-good run in the video game industry, losing a great percentage of the player base. However, this did not stop Ubisoft from improving the game through updates and/or balance changes. In fact, the studio is already set to release a brand new patch (1.09) for the fighting-themed title.

According to PVP Live, the aforementioned patch is coming to “For Honor” in about two weeks for the console versions. The PC platform, on the other hand, may acquire the update a week early to ensure its efficiency. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Bringing vast improvements to the game

Ubisoft’s next patch for the title is all about providing quality of life improvements. However, the studio clarified that some notable adjustments may find their way to the game through patch 1.09. The said adjustments are said to have been developed for the Revenge and Orders features. In the game, players noticed that Orders take longer to complete, but its tendency to offer rewards at a slow pace is what made it a bitter pill to swallow. To resolve this issue, the studio will rebalance its structure, specifically on some of its rewards. These will now be incentivized based on the amount of efforts players put into the game.

Moreover, there will be new Orders with simpler objectives to complete.

They will even be redesigned to make stacking a lot easier. This basically means that players will be able to complete various Orders all at once, contrary to how they were done before. In addition to this, they should also find fewer Orders tied to certain game modes. The developers explained that this should not force players in playing either Elimination or Skirmish.

Changes on Revenge

Revenge in “For Honor” will also undergo some significant adjustments through patch 1.09. However, to do this, Ubisoft will release two separate patches. The first update, in particular, will change the way players gain Revenge, though the build-up should only depend on a certain scenario. For instance, gaining Revenge will be less when they go for a 1 vs.

1 match. The studio believes that doing so will reduce the number of glitches in the game as long as players will no longer have the infamous Revenge build-up, which allows spamming to happen.

As for the second “For Honor” patch, it will arrive via the game’s Season 3 update. This patch, in particular, will be there to adjust the overall Revenge State. These adjustments are reportedly tailored for the crowd control aspect of the feature. The only catch, though, is that the developers still cannot provide the specifics of the adjustments. As a result, there is no way of knowing if the changes will be for the greater good or not.