Although “Destiny 2” is one of the most anticipated titles in recent memory, fans still have doubts about its success. In fact, most of them believe that the sequel would not offer any substantial gameplay experience. Whether or not this is true, it still remains to be unseen. The game, after all, has yet to arrive.

Recently though, Activision brought more developer studios for “Destiny 2.” PVP Live reports that this move was to ensure the continuous flow of contents for the follow-up title. This is definitely a huge step, considering how the original game lacked on this aspect.

No more content droughts

Previously, the company assured the community that the second game will not suffer the same content drought that the first game did. Of course, fans were skeptical at first, as the company did not provide any methods on how such process would take place. Fortunately, this has been cleared up by the studio’s decision to hire more developers to work for them.

Two of the latest additions to Activision are developer studios High Moon and Vicarious Visions. These studios are expected to helm the necessary contents needed in “Destiny 2.” Activision’s very own CEO named Eric Hirshberg admitted that in the first game, they did not “keep up with the demand for new content.” As a result, players were either discontented or frustrated, as they were left in limbo.

For the record, though, the contents in the first game (e.g. “The Dark Below” and “House Wolves,” among others) were great. They gave fans a worthy experience. However, the need for new contents became a problem. The studio was not just able to produce more.

There will be more aside from contents

Activision iterated that “Destiny 2” will not just rely on contents, as there will be features developed entirely for the purpose of bringing new experiences.

The studio explained that the sequel will offer an expanded universe, which should be enough to encourage players to explore. There will also be a deeper narrative, giving players another reason to dive into various missions and/or quests. More importantly, the second game will give players’ character a sense of purpose, rather than just moving from one zone to another.

Characters, in particular, will have a deeper connection with the main storyline, allowing them to penetrate into different in-game narratives.

Hirshberg exclaimed that the decision to add these things in “Destiny 2” was not easy to make. The entire development team had to undergo a debate, as all of them have different wants and views towards the sequel. Fortunately, it ended well.