Just a couple of days ago, Ubisoft revealed that a new kind of competitiveness should arrive to “For Honor.” It is called Dual Tournaments, which is basically the game’s version of ranked gaming. It first arrived at the public test server of the game for the studio to acquire feedbacks from the community.

According to PC Gamer, the highly anticipated ranked play is finally coming to the official servers of “For Honor” today, June 29. Players will now have a new way to enjoy and experience the fighting-themed title. Well, the studio really needs this, considering the backlash the game has acquired from players and critics alike.

Introducing Dual Tournaments

Ubisoft announced that both “tournaments and competitive play” have always been part of their vision for the game. They even wanted to introduce these elements following the release of the title, but they felt like needing more development time. The studio went to iterate how the developers worked so hard to implement the feature, and now, it is moving towards completion.

Before the studio decided to introduce Dual Tournaments in “For Honor,” they opted to have it tested by players on the public test server. Only PC players, though, were allowed to join. More importantly, they must have played the game on or before June 22 to participate in the test phase.

The video game company explained why console players were not included.

Basically, they had to undergo a certification process from both Microsoft (Xbox One) and Sony (PlayStation); however, doing so will require a good amount of time, preventing them from releasing the feature in an earlier date in the PTS. As a result, they opted for a PC port instead.

How the ranked play works

The premise of Dual Tournaments in “For Honor” is actually pretty simple.

First, players will have to undergo a total of 20 placement matches in a so-called qualifier stage. This, in particular, should help them determine their place in the tier levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Ubisoft revealed that as players make progress, their efforts will be rewarded. But of course, the deeper they go into the rankings, the better the rewards will be.

The studio promised to monitor the stability of the new feature in “For Honor,” most especially when it gets launched today. They will also be gathering qualitative feedback from the fandom through the game’s official forum site to help the developers in making the ranked system better in the long run. Enthusiasts believe that this is the studio’s chance to redeem the title after losing 95 percent of its overall player base.