"Final Fantasy 12" originally released back in 2006 for the PS2 was generally well-received back in those days. The game made good use of the PS2's capability and was also the last entry in the series on the console. Fast forward to today and Square Enix has just remastered the classic title on the PS4. However, they didn't simply bring over the original game but instead added a few new features aside from updated graphics and music. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the changes in the "Final Fantasy 12" Remaster.

High-speed mode and auto saves

The twelfth installment has large maps with the occasional winding corridors which make it fairly tedious when trying to reach your destination. Oftentimes players spent most of their time during quests walking rather than engaging in any actual fights. "The Zodiac Age" remastered version fixes this issue by adding a High-Speed Mode where players can move considerably faster with just the press of a button. That way, you can focus more on the battles instead of having to dread moving from point A to B.

Similarly, Polygon shares that Square Enix also added an auto save feature that takes effect whenever you want to switch areas. This way, it shouldn't be too tedious to continue your journey if you suddenly die in the middle of nowhere.

Improved game balance and trial mode

"Final Fantasy 12" skipped the traditional RPG random encounter system for something much more streamlined. Enemies would appear within the field and fight in real-time instead of the typical turn-based action. Square Enix initially believed that this method would be much easier to deal with, but this still encountered a lot of balance issues with the original game.

Because of this, the team turned to Hiroyuki Ito for guidance in balancing the game. The end result was them overhauling the original game balance to make it easier for players. However, Square Enix also added a Trial Mode for those who found the game too easy. You can access this in the main menu with the objective revolving around having to defeat 100 battles with the difficulty and complexity rising after each fight.

Job system

The original "Final Fantasy 12" lacked any job system and instead gave players the freedom to customize their characters to their own liking. In the remaster, Square Enix decided to organize how you could customize your heroes by placing a job system. Out of 12 jobs, each character can pick one main class and another subclass later in the game. Each category has its own progression system that falls in line with the job which makes it much easier to assign specific roles to characters.