XSEED games announced before that they will bring the enhanced version of "Ys Seven." The game was originally released for the PlayStation Portable console. Now, the team behind the game will release a PC version on Steam. The said game is not a port that was released in China but a new one with updated localization, Gematsu reports. In addition, the PC port has numerous key features that will give players a new perspective in the same game story.

Here is the trailer provided by Gematsu through YouTube:

Larger Western audience

The original PSP version of Ys Seven made a larger impact on Western audiences because of the whole game mechanics and story.

Much like the action-RPG games "Nayuta no Kiseki" and "Kingdom Hearts" on the same PSP console, the whole impact lies on the action-RPG elements. In addition, players can also control multiple characters at the same time, especially when fighting stronger monsters.

New features

Much like other games that are ported to the PC platform on Steam, Ys Seven has some key features that make this game a point of interest for "Ys" series fans. Here are the following features:

  • Full HD graphics - enhanced graphics that are pleasing to the eyes, as expected of the PC platform.
  • Multiple user-configuration settings - user-configuration settings allow players to set their own game style and interface, providing a more comfortable game experience.
  • 60 fps frame rate - this frame rate makes the game smoother and faster in terms of performance. A smoother game experience assures victory and success in boss battles.
  • The story that guarantees 30 hours of gameplay - story is long enough for players to indulge and to delve into the characters' background.
  • Real-time combat - real-time combat is the unique key feature of the "Ys" series games.
  • Boss fights - an action-RPG game is not complete without boss fights that make the story epic.
  • Learn skills - Different characters learn skills by wielding different kinds of weapons. This will also make dungeon exploring and monster grinding fun and exciting. Most of all, by killing a monster, players will obtain numerous loot and drops.
  • Equipment, loots, and drops - drops and loot gathered from monsters, gold obtained through battles, and equipment found in treasures complete the full action-RPG experience.

The game will be out on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Bundle store this summer on PC. Moreover, updates will be disclosed soon based on the game's specific release date.